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08/19/1631 John Dryden was born in Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire, England.

1657 Moved to London to commence his career as a professional writer

1663 His first play, The Wild Gallant, was a failure when first presented

1664 Dryden soon found more success with The Indian Queen which he co-authored with Sir Robert Howard and which served as his initial attempt to found a new theatrical genre, the heroic tragedy.

1665 The Indian Emperor

1667 Secret Love

1668 The young playwright`s reputation grew quickly, only ten years after his move to London, Dryden was appointed Poet Laureate of England. (He was later stripped of the title because of religious differences when William and Mary came into power.)

1668 Dryden agreed to write exclusively for Thomas Killigrew`s theatrical company and became a shareholder.

1669 Tyrannick Love was published

1670 The Conquest of Granada by the Spaniards (successful follow-up of Tyrannick Love) was published. Both works were examples of heroic tragedy.

1672 Perhaps sensing the demise of his short-lived genre, Dryden turned his hand to comedy and produced Marriage A-la-Mode, a brilliant battle of the sexes.

1677 He adapted a number of Shakespeare`s plays icluding The Tempest and All for Love, a retelling of Antony and Cleopatra.

1678 Dryden`s relationship with Killigrew`s ended (which was floundering in debt) and he offered his latest play, Oedipus, a drama he had co-authored with Nathaniel Lee, to another company.

1689 produced Don Sebastian, the story of a king who abdicates his throne after discovering that he has committed incest

1690 Produced the play Amphitryon, a brilliant retelling of the classic myth.

05/12/1700 John Dryden died in London, and was buried in Westminster Abbey next to Chaucer

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